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Electronic Training DVDs

      The Basic Electronic training series consists of six (6) computer animated DVDs. Each DVD may be purchased individually, or you may purchase them as a set. The choice is yours. Each DVD title comes with its own question-answer workbook to assist you in gaining the most from this valuable training. Only $39.95 each or $34.95 each if purchasing 6 or more DVDs.


Part 1 DC:

      Begin with the basics. In part 1 you begin by learning about voltage, current and resistance. Then you progress into series circuits, parallel circuits, Ohm's law, power equations and much more. In a single afternoon you will find yourself drawing series-parallel circuits and calculating the values for the voltage drops and current flows through the circuit you designed. 56 Min.

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Part 2 AC:

      Part 2 covers transformers, coils, capacitors, reactance, impedance and the different values of a sine wave. This training DVD simplifies AC theory. In a few short hours you will be calculating impedances, determining peak and peak-to-peak voltage potentials and much more! 62 Min.

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Part 3 Semiconductors:

      Take a fascinating journey into semiconductor theory and operation with this amazing training DVD. DVD203 unlocks the secrets of semiconductor operation. You will gain an in depth understanding of diodes, bi-polar transistors, FET devices, MOSFET devices, SCR's, triacs and much more. You will cover 12 common solid state devices. This DVD is a must! 57 Min.

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Power Supplies:

      All electronic devices use some form of power to support and operate the circuitry. This exciting training DVD takes an in depth look into the operating characteristics of a typical AC to DC power supply. You will examine rectifying circuits, filter circuits, regulator circuits, crow bar circuits and more. DVD204 concludes with troubleshooting tips that are applicable to any power supply. 56 Min.

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      Basic amplifier operation is at the heart of every electronic circuit. Learning this information is vital to your success as a technician. Part 5 covers amplifier basics. You will examine class A, B, AB1, AB2, C and basic operational amplifier circuits. Learning amplifier circuit operation has never been easier. 57 Min.

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      Within hours after beginning this intriguing DVD you will understand how most oscillator circuits actually operate. This unusual DVD actually shows the current flow through each oscillator design. Watch capacitors charge and discharge and magnetic field build and collapse around coils. UCANDO's unique computer animation process makes learning this valuable information fast, fun and easy. 53 Min.

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